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3D Metrology Services

Our mission is to meet the manufacturing and utility needs of our clients with a precision unmatched by competitors. We are committed to quality service to ensure responsiveness. Using the latest and most innovative 3D technologies, we are able to provide results that exceed the standard in our industry.

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Reality Capture

Using the latest 3D laser scanners, we are able to capture true, as-built data in a quick and efficient manner without compromising quality or precision. With a background in the rigorous nuclear power generation sector, we have been conditioned to provide only the best 3D point clouds. Because of this, we strive to process our captured data to 0,0625" accuracy.

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As-Built 3D Design

Our team has extensive knowledge in modeling over 3D point clouds to produce an amazingly accurate as-built 3D model. Our models have saved countless hours, dollars, and radiation dose by utilizing rendered animations showing interferences and travel paths for component replacement. This is also a great way to present your plan to upper management that may be more hands off. Whether you need a single component or a digital twin of an entire site, we have the tools and experience necessary to get the job done.

Precision Alignment

When thousands of an inch matter, we are the team to help you out. our laser trackers and total stations are accurate anywhere from 0.0625" down to 0.003". We utilize these tools to align and level equipment, layout hangers and drill points, measure distances that would otherwise be hard to reach or to locate anything that needs to be precisely aligned. Additionally, we can couple this technology with our 3D realityi capture in order to tie 3D scan data to known GIS points.

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