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Careers + Training


Be a Part of Something Greater

We're going places and we invite you to come along with us. At RCI, there are no limits. We're looking for humble individuals with a desire to learn and grow with a company that they can call "home" for the long haul. We provide advanced training in renewable energy systems whether you're a veteran of the energy industry or completely new. More than anything, we provide a support system where everyone is a member of a team and, for those who apply themselves, the sky is the limit. 

As part of our commitment to maximizing safety and performance for our employees, we have partnered with RISE Renewable Energy, a comprehensive training program specifically designed for the renewable energy industry. Much more than mere theoretical knowledge, RISE places a strong emphasis on practical application, immersive learning experiences and interactive exercises. 


Based on the famous quote delivered by Vince Lombardi, "Winning isn't a sometime thing, it's an all the time thing." RCI believes excellence and safety are synonymous with winning. Just like winning, you are not safe and you do not achieve operational excellence every once in a while; it is a continuous and never-ending pursuit. RCI has documented our core behaviors and philosophies critical to maintaining our Safety and Operational Culture in our RCI 360 program.

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